Beast: Man is an animal

Man is an Animal Manifesto

Equality is a myth.
Those who oppose it try to prove its existence and those who long for it point out its absence.
God is not dead, but the Goddess has been under siege for aeons.
A state of equality cannot be withheld in a society where those who climb the backs of their comrades to reach a state of adored superiority have control of the zoo. Backstabbing in business is not called backstabbing. It's called business.
We are not designed to be governed. We are designed to run around on open planes or playing in tall trees, and breaking anyone's skull who opposes our privilige of being alive.
Man is an Animal stuck in a concrete zoo. A zoo so large and complex, we sometimes fail to notice the fences.
We are blind enough to call ourselves Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the primate who is aware that it is aware, and with those three words break our connection to the rest of the Animal kingdom, believeing that we are somehow above and beyond our natural habitat.
We like to think we built a fortress of streets and shops and buildings, keeping nature at bay, but what we did was cage ourselves in. We faked the feeling of superiority by customizing our cage.
Man is an Animal. One must not forget that.