Beast: Man is an animal


Beast is a Reykjavík based clothing line.
Beast was launched in May 2012.
Beast's first collection is called Man is an Animal.
Beast is interrested in the limits between
Men's and Women's identity within fashion.
Beast takes pride in being androgynous.


Designer: Björn Sigríðarson Traustason
Assistant Designer: Sigrún Hanna Ómarsdóttir
Intern: Jenný Hildur Ómarsdóttir
Designer's Assistant: Ari Júlíus Árnason
Photographers: Jesse Crowe & Úlfar Loga
Web Design: Rúnar Berg Baugsson Sigríðarson & Björn Sigríðarson Traustason
Graphics: Ingi Kristján Sigurmarsson & Sigrún Hanna Ómarsdóttir
Assisting: Elísabet Jónsdóttir & Hlédís Maren Guðmundsdóttir

Special thanks to...

Hairstylist, photographer and model, Jesse Crowe,
part owner of the hair salon Lebel & Crowe,
creator of the feather wig and responsible
for the incredible lookbook shots.
Click here for Lebel & Crowe's site

Contact Info

Phone number: (+354) 659-0051

Creative Commons Attribution BY-NC-ND 3.0
Björn Sigríðarson Traustason, 2012

All photos are the work of the photographers
and should be treated as such.
Same goes with Dodda Maggý's beautiful fashion film.
Feel free to share them as long as you attribute the work.

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